This ship was built as the "Potsdam" for the far east service of North German Lloyd. During the Second World War, she was used as a troop and accommodation ship. She was seized by the British occupying forces in May 1945 at Flensburg. Re-named the "Empire Fowey", she was re-fitted by Harland & Wolff, Belfast and used as a troopship under P & O management. In 1960, she was sold to the Pan-Islamic Shipping Co of Karachi, Pakistan, for use on the pilgrim service to Jeddah and was renamed "Safina-E-Hujjat". She was broken up at Gadani Beach in 1976.
With thanks to Tony Catherall for searching this out.

Many of you would have sailed on this ship. If you did contact me with your name and details of dates etc. They will be added here.


 1. Picture from John Brewell Malaya 
(E) Empire Fowey leaving Singapore harbour Circa 1958 3

 2. Picture from John Brewell. Malaya Empire Fowey Circa 1958 Singapore

3. Empire Fowey at Singapore Copyright Fowey

Tony Catherall 

Empire Fowey taken by me when crossing Hong Kong harbour on the Star Ferry in 1958/59.
Ian Girvan


  1. Hi Hank, I sailed from Malaya(Singapore) with my regiment The 11th Hussars(PAO), on the Empire Fowey in 1956, The voyage to Southampton was supposed to take four weeks. However it took six weeks as we were diverted round Africa, because Suez had just kicked off. We were made really welcome at Cape Town, as we were the first troop ship to dock there since WW2.
    Roy Mansfield ex 11th Hussars.

  2. I sailed on the same sailing in 1956 age 2. I have a certificate signed by the captain on 17/4/56 on the day we crossed the equator.

  3. My wife and I sailed on here from Southampton to Hong Kong in 1959. Pete Johnson Royal Signals

  4. I was on the Hythe ferry with my Dad when he pointed out this ship in Southamton water, this must have been around 1962, it is funny how such things stick in your mind.
    Bob Mills.

  5. My father sent a telegram to my mother as he was aboard the Empire Fowey when it docked in Southampton on Nov 4th 1953.
    I still have the telegram.
    My name is Maxine (nee Fake) Hawker.
    my fathers name was Philip John George Fake.

  6. Ian Girvan writes: I sailed back from Hong Kong on the Empire Fowey in July, 1959, one of her last voyages under the British flag. Forgetting the periods of boredom, it had its memorable moments, including the gully gully men (magicians) at Port Said. One evening, as we squaddies were lying sweaty and uncouth on our bunks, enjoying a modest snack, a P&O officer, resplendent in his immaculate white uniform, came on a tour of inspection of the lower decks. "Ah," he said, with magnificent condescension, "I see they are eating their crisps." God bless him!

  7. I have a lovely picture of the Fowey taken in 1958/1959 sailing thorough Hong Kong harbour, with the island to starboard and Kowloon to port.

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  10. I sailed as a 3 month old to Ceylon in 1958 aboard the Empire Fowey. My mun Mary and my 4 brothers accompanied me. My father Patrick H McKenna was in the RAF stationed in Ceylon.

    Cormac Mc Kenna