200 Years of 11 Field Squadron's history could not pass unmarked
and so I was keen from the outset, where other commitment allowed, to ensure that we celebrated this significant milestone. Whilst researching some of the squadron's previous exploits, it quickly became apparent that huge swathes of our past were either missing or were difficult to trace from numerous source documents in the Corps Library. We decided that it would be a fitting tribute to 200 years of history to consolidate all that we could find on 11 Squadron into a single publication and that our JNCOs should take the bulk of responsibility for the considerable research required and that a range of others would assist in its production. What you find, therefore, is a booklet which has been pulled together by all ranks serving in the Squadron in 2006. Whilst we appreciate that it barely scratches the surface of our long and varied history, and that there is still a long way to go before it is complete, it is a start of a process to which we hope you will be able to contribute with your own stories of our past Enjoy!

Maj A B Veitch
Officer Commanding

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