2 TROOP HISTORY 1963-1965
The Authors Snow Wilson and David Wicks
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Front Cover

Contents Forward

                       Chapter 1-The Raising of 2 Troop RAE

                       Chapter 2-Malay Peninsula, the first weeks

                       Chapter 3-Thailand and Operation Crown

                       Chapter 4-Terenedak Again 

                       Chapter 5-Bound for Borneo

                       Chapter 6-Terendak then Homeward Bound

                       Chapter 7-Views From The Top

                       Chapter 8-Reminisences

                       Chapter 9-Records of Achievements

                       Chapter 10-The Reunions

                       End Pages

                       Rear Cover and Photos

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Many thanks to Snow and David for this great book
From all us Poms


  1. william M Sutton (moos)December 2, 2015 at 7:09 PM

    on the 27 nov 2015 our mate and sapper Robert Macca McDonald passed away in a town called Sale Victoria Australia. His funeral is today Thursday the 3Rd of December 2015. Moose

  2. william M Sutton (moos)December 2, 2015 at 7:12 PM

    Sapper Robert Macca McDonald passed away 27Nov 2015 at a town called Sale in Victoria Australia he is being buried today the 3 rd of December will advise more when I find out. Moose


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