18th 19th 20th MAY 2012
Norman and Rose Donaldson 1951-52 Booked
Chunky Allen 1953-57 Booked
Terry and Sarah Tullis 1954-55 Booked
Lew Llewellyn 1954-56 Booked
Ray and Pauline Lambert  1954-57 Booked
John and Lucy Bishop 1954-57 Booked
John Strudley 1954-57 Booked wbw
Terry and Judy Davis 1955-57 Booked
Dawson Powell 1955-58 Booked
George and Pat Nolan 1956-58 Booked
Allen and Jean Jermy 1956-58 Booked
Bill and Maureen Murison 1957-59 Booked
Richard and Heidi Clarke 1 troop 1957-60 Booked
Ron and Chris Carter 1957-59 Booked
Roy Devlin 1957-58 calling in Sat
Dave and Pam Brunning 1958-60 Booked
Ronny Bates 1958-61 Booked
Bill and Jo McKie 1958-62 Booked
Bill Cole 1959-62 Booked
Tony Catherall 1959-62  Booked
Barry Foote 1959-62 Booked
John Flynn 1959-61 Booked
Frank Sowerby 1959-62 Booked
Peter Keddie 1959-62 Booked
Tiny and Pat Kennedy 1960-63 Booked
Brian and Ann Marshall 1960-63 Booked
Eddy King 1960-63 Booked
Fred and Kathy Beharrell 1960-63 Booked
Charles and Kathleen Waddington 1960-63 Booked
Jim and Sheila Scoular 1961-62 Booked
Billy Stuart 1961-64 Booked
Fred and Betty Gray 1961-64 Booked
Kenny and Janet Williams 1961-64 Booked
John taffy and Jane Roberts 1961-64
Jackie and Leslie Gavin 1961-63 Booked
Geoff and Jeanette Lambourne 1961-64 Booked
Jimmy Farrell 1961-64 from australia Booked
Sandy and Jean Melville 1961-65 Booked
Gerry and Veronica Gleeson 1962-64 Booked
Russell and Mildred Jones 1962-64 Booked
Barrie Why 1962-65 Booked
Freddie and Carol Frape 1962-65 Booked
David and Peggy Folwell 1963-64 Booked
Rand and Brigitte Pantin 1963-65 Booked
Alan and Beryl Hodges 2 Troop RAE from Australia 1963-65 Booked
Dave Perchard 1963-66 Booked
George and Carol Dick 1962-65 Booked
Hank Lawrence 1 Troop 1962-65 Booked
K C Holder 1 Troop 1962-65 Booked
Sammy and Jean Moore 1962-65 Booked
Adrian and Shirley Rogers 1963-66 from australia Booked
Bob Crowford 1964-67 Booked
Gordon and Vicky Chave 1964-66 Booked
Norma Stevens wife of John Stevens CO 1964-66 r.i.p Booked
Dave and Wendy Yeo 1964-67 Booked
Will and Carol Crothers 1964-67 ten feet five Booked
Chris and Margaret Smith 1965-68 also 1960-63 ten feet five Booked
Phil Meggison 1965-67 Booked
Nick and Marie Whatley 1965-67 Booked
John and Val Olford 1965-67 Booked
John and Valeria Cusack 1965-67 Booked
Pete Marsden 1965-67 Booked
Andy and Gwyn Capper and son Darren 1965-68 Booked
Harry and Babs Brittian 1965-68 Booked
Steve and Anita Hearst 1965-68 ten feet five Booked
Doug and Sue Hamilton-Cox 1965-68 Booked
Bob and Pauline Morgan 1965-68 Booked
Joe and Rosemary McCann 1965-68 ten feet five Booked
Harry Ramsay 1966-68 REME Booked
Bob Holme 1966-68 Booked
Olly Olyatt 1967- Booked
Steve Wilby 1967-70 Booked
Roger Andrews 1967-69 Booked
Harry Brindley 1967-69 called in first contact
Keith Tapp 1959-62 sharing Booked
John Gore 1966-68 Booked
Joe Houlston ex 11 Sqn SSM friend of J Gore Booked
Dusty and Brenda Miller 1967-69 Booked
Pete and Maureen Alexander 1967-69 Booked
Paul Strobridge 1968-70 Booked
Graham Avery 1968-69 Booked
Fred Collins 1968-69 Booked
John Lawton 1968-70 calling in (taken ill cant make it)
Joe Robson 1968-70 Booked
Bryan and Maureen Packman 1968-70 Booked
Alan and Avis Hollyoak 1968-70 Local
Mel and Janet Wood 1968-70 Booked
Phil and Carol Peet 1969-70 Booked


  1. Great weekend best ever.

  2. I would like to thank you all for making it such a great weekend once again and i look forward to finding many more of the lads in the next year. So if you have any new names that is full names not nick names plus a location and even wives names all help. Myself and Nette will try our best to track them down.
    Best wishes to you all

  3. Spot on with this write-up, I truly believe that this web site needs far more attention.
    I'll probably be returning to see more, thanks for the information!

    Dont get excited who ever you are that keeps trying these pathetic methods to get your advertising onto my blogs it really is a waste of time yours and mine.
    So please have the grace to accept my wishes and move on


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