Good Day All!

Below is a link to the Fort Tapong Airfield built by members of 1 Tp
RAE attached to 2 Tp RE 11th Indep Fd Sqn RE.

The RAE Tp Sgt was a young Harry Buckley and included Stiffy Carroll
who was the driving force behind this presentation for the sake of the
History of RAE units.

It also includes a couple of minute of old film taken by a retired
RAAF member  Charlie Stagg,who flew in to the Fort by chopper to
repair the Pommy aircraft and flew off with it.

Many of you would have seen the original production, but I commend the
remake to you for another look.

It is best viewed on the large screen of you tube which makes it a
little easier to read the news articles!

Please forgive any spelling errors for I am but a mere mortal!

Kindest regards,

Speedie Sahariv

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