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Who’d heard of Malacca or Terendak Camp
Which proved to be hot and terribly damp.
Up country Malaya, 2. 8. Brigade
Cut from the bush and not that long been made.

11 (Independent), at Camp Terendak
Having arrived there, there’s no turning back.
Quickly you realize there are people you know
And adopted the ways we all have to go.

Two and a half years, that passed in a flash
But cause you to smile when you’ve got time to pass.
Officers and ranks who were better than gold
Others would be upset should truth, ever be told.

Entertainment was sparse, with the exception of one
The Naffi, god bless her was the next thing to God.
You entered depressed just like all of the rest
But left full of Tiger with your mates and a jest.

Drinking and singsongs, Beer cans at the fans
Those who were unlucky it would end in a ban,
Ciggies which encouraged the power of flight
Someone did try it, and proved it not right

Then formed the band, the incredible Five
R&B Music for dances, twist and the jive
Chris and young Billy, Steve and then Joe
Dave on the drums and free beers, don’t you know.

Treks up a mountain, but for some was in vain
Jungle navigation which we did again and again.
Mount Ophia, more than1000 meters, a big climb to bear
And why did we do it, Because it was there

For those who have served in her. With us, and past
Will remember that life was a hell of a blast.
For those who have gone to HQ, in the sky
Will be proud we remember, and not question why

A group full of misfit's, most of you still here today
Friendships like these don’t just fade away.
Admired by some, although not in officia
Referred to by brigade, as the RAG ARSE MILITIA.

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