KINSHIP by Stuart Freeman (Batterley) in Sqn 1968-70

by Stuart Freeman

A story on how Army Kinship never ends, even years after demob. A group of ex squaddies stick together whilst serving long jail sentences.  In the sequel, soon to be published called Army Kinship 2, on release, how they form the second largest security company in the country, also committing murders against drug dealers and bent coppers. Available from Kindle Books.
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Army Kinship 2

By Stuart Freeman
Royal Engineers the Elite Corp
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Another Book from Stuart

Hi all,

I have compiled my three books plus extras in paper back. The new title is "Don't Mess With Squadies" and is available on Amazon. All proceeds to the RE Ben Fund. You are all mentioned in the book




  1. Looking forward to the sequel

  2. The authors stories takes me back to happier times. Bring it on Stuart, lets have the sequel

  3. Remember Stu and his brother,s at Terendak.

    1. Hi Charlie, thanks for your comment, I do remember you very well. If I remember, you were pally with our Mick who sadly died in South Africa. I will be meeting up with Ollie Ollyet shortly and I will pass on your regards.

      All the best


    2. Hi Stu,had some laughs with Mick. Jock Campbell sends his regards.

      Cheers Charlie.

  4. Sequel is in print fill your boots lads


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