11 Independent Field Squadron


Royal Engineers

Please name people if you can

1 Troop Malacca
From Wally Gee

Video From Bryan Packman
Malacca 1968-70

Remembrance Parade London 2017
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Sandy Melville, Harry Brittain, Harry Ramsay, Pete Marsden

Sungei Besi 1955. Chas Hamilton, Derek Hutchenson, Pat Hurley. Laury Swain

First photo of SNCOs. SSM Thompson D.Gwatkin C C. G Thompson. Jim Woods. Darky Turner. Len Trevor. 
SQMS Bob Roberts. from Jim Woods

Sungie Besi

Now & Then- Then & Now
By Anthony Catherall

The Slim River railway station is a Malaysian train station stationed at the north eastern side of and named after the town of Slim River Perak. Today the station id owned by Keretapi Tanah Melayu and provides KTM Intercity services. Built in 1903, the original station is among the oldest of the railway stations in Malaysia. In March 2007, as part of the electrified double Tracking project between Rawang and Ipoh, it was rebuilt, with the old station building retained. At one end of this Station, there is a freight yard. It was made prior to the Rawang-Ipoh Electrified Double tracking project. My photograph above was taken in October 1960. whilst below a more modern picture date unknown.



Penang Skyline 
Brian Lord 1957-59


From Ray Lambert

From, Tony Catherall 1959-62

National Memorial Arboretum Alrewas Staffordshire -  DC COOPER - J.W.N. Hall  - Anthony Catherall copyright SNB25637 (7)-001



Terendak Kohima lines

RE Weekend Chatham 2014
Front row 
Norman Donaldson and Geoff Lambourne

I am now in my tenth year and can't quite believe how well the site has worked in bringing us all together.
So I will say a big thank you to you all.
Please keep trying to find more of our old pals in the future.
Hank Lawrence 1962-1965
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  1. Look forward to hearing from many new lads

  2. This was posted on old site 14 April 2012
    Alan Hollyoak Hi all who know or wish to remmember me from 11Sqd. My first exp. in the Sqd. was on an hearts and minds ex. in a place called "Gob" with Staffy Dick Leonard, where we built a school + other bits and bobs..I remmember many names from the time ,inc.Dave Pervis whose wedding I/we (wife) attended in Mellaca..All the lads in Brian Packmans M.T.sec.(I was a young L.Cpl. at the time) Not so fond mems. of a time on the 25 mt. range where the first round upset a hornets nest and 30 on men where left stung and legging it in every direction..of my better times times and qtrs at Bukit Barruh and the party at Fred C. pad,and the small local club,. Tan Jon Kling(where I nearly drowned after being knocked off a small boat on a sea fishing trip, which inc. the sqd. postie ??),Mayfair Gardens, and finallly 17 Stevenson Ave. in camp...Great times and great mems. in the camp nick named " the far east Butlns...

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