Dear hank.
I arrived at 11sqn in June 65 and was posted into park trp in the workshops section as I had just finished trade trg at R.S.M.E.
I took over the water supply task from scouse Sumpter who moved onto 1 troop.
NEXT - STOP op crown 65-66 I worked in the R.E.M.E. workshops with JOHN KENYON who was the welder in the same workshop.
MAY66-AUG67 saw many different locations including LAOS, the team that eventually did get to travel LAOS was drawn from all the different troops each having their own skills.
Scouse Sumpter & myself for the water supply taff Morris engine maintenance jimmy Dow electrician.
Brian Mellet was snco (Brian was my SSM when I was an instructor at DOVER 71-73)
We did some good work in LAOS and were rewarded with a lot off parties after the task was completed, from all the different embassy’s.
Aug67-jan68 back to POST CROWN working with plant fitters both at the tented camp and at base camp.
On leaving Thailand I did get a lasting feel of pride my flight back to Terendak left from our airstrip not the yanks.
JAN68 DEC69 served with 30sqn in HAMELN many people from both 11sqn 59sqn and 54sqn where posted into HAMELN.
JAN70-JUNE71 returned back to 54sqn Singapore to help with the sale of all the engineering eqpt
and the barracks (Terendak was sold to the Malaysian army I believe to be for 1p).
The golf course was turned back into paddy, the swimming pool could not be maintained
properly and was closed down
Singapore like wise was more or less given away
MY wife and i have had the good fortune to visit the Fareast on holidays and there are some sound memories still standing in ltd of places.
I left the army in 1977 as snco, being down graded medically with my eyesight. Had a fight with a IRA trap and came of second best.
A couple of people I would like to say hi to BERNIE LOWE best man at my wedding he was OCs wireless operator and HARRY MOORE electrician park trp
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