Help To Find The Following
If you have any hints as to location
and proper initials please let me know
click on Hank below
Sapper Night came to 11 sqn 1967
from 54 Sqn
Anyone remember who
Tweeky was 1967
Names From John Gore 1966-68
George Bartram
Rick Parry
Fred Hayter
Les Thornett
Mac McGregor
Ross Thorburn
Living In Tin Can Bay
WO11 Payne
Jerry Bradbury
Phil Boam
Bermie Wilson
Jim Woods
Bob Engstrom found
Dave Lee
Pete Cachia
John Walters
Bluey Selby

Paul Strobridge looking for
Ian (Buzz) Burrows
got info he is
G.A.Burrows wife Joan
From Richard Clarke
George Suku 1 troop

from Geoff Lambourne
Hi Hank,Looking for, ( Pencil ) Pete Allen, from Hull I think, also Paddy Scanlon and Yorkie Farrar who I think came from Batley Yorkshire. Hope that somebody can help. Geoff
from Bob Crowford

Jeff Mumford
Geordie Donohue
Loffty Knight 1959-62 1 Troop.
Vic Vickers 1958-61 1 Troop.
MTO Lt Sinclair 1965?

Frank Lawrence cpl 1962-65 11ind fld sqn midlands
Mick Ford 1962-65 11ind fld sqn
Simpson 1959 11ind fld sqn
Tom George 1957-60 11ind fld sqn

John Kenyon 11ind fld sqn 1964-67
Danny Kenny 11ind fld sqn 1962-65

Names from Randy Pantin
Paddy Yates
Paddy Duncan
George Bianchini
Andy Andreadi Jamaica
Roy Farnham Barbados
Jo Nelson Antigua
Vic Noel Granada
Scouse Lewis
Les Rose
Dixie Dean
Bob Cox
Nick and Bella Rashin FIJI
Lofty Green
From Tony Catherall
1 Troop
Sgt Robbo Robinson
Cpl Don Beales
Cpl Bill Budden
Sgt Jim Humpries
Spr Jack Harrison
Spr Lofty Knight
Spr Jim Lattice found
Spr Charlie Lowe
Spr John Williams
Sgt Willcock
Sgt Burk
Cpl Peter Hedge
Spr Jack Savage
LCpl Paddy Butler
Spr Nobby Clarke.
Peter Broadbent
George Sukoo
Frank Farnsworth
Fred Bussey
Bill Carrick
Capt Noel
SSM Grocott
SSM Muston
Sgt Arthur Wilson
Spr Ray Cooke
Spr Geoff Phelps found
Spr Paddy Smythe
Spr Jock McFarlane
Spr Paul Phelps
Bill McGrath
Spr Mick Avery
Ted Crockshaw
Terry Connolly
Paul Groom
Johnny Butler

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