11 April 2011
Does anybody remember Harry Allwood Aussie Troop that left in 63. Was a good drinking mate. Originaly from Birmingham UK. Good footballer, represented the Commonwealth team at a international tournament in KL.

Would love to catch up with him for a drink or three. I now live in Aussie so if he's around, Love to hear from him.

Brummie Gee


New Addition April 09
Percy Bevan 2 Troop
I have been informed today that
Malcolm Van Gelder Passed away 16 August 2008

Condolances to Helen and family From us all

New addition to list August 2008
Gordon Graham 1965-67
This part of my site is for those Diggers that served with 11 Independent Field Squadron
It will Include the names from the following Field Troops.Thats if the names come in.
If you wish your name added to the list which will be after the 11 Sqn list
Please let me have your email and dates served plus which troop.
4 Troop RAE October 1955 to October 1957
2 Troop RAE October 1957 to October 1959
2 Troop RAE October 1959 to October 1961
4 Troop RAE October 1961 to November 1963
2 Troop RAE November 1963 to March 1965
2 Troop RAE October 1965 to November 1967
2 Troop RAE November 1967 to February 1970
If anyone wants to contact any of us about friends they knew in Malaya we possibly can help as we have the addresses of most of 4 Troop people and also many other whereabouts or who to contact to other Troop groups. try Trevor Smart
This is just the beginning for this Page and will add things as i receive them.
Thanks to those who have already contacted me
I Must say a special thank you to
Michael Ryan RAEA. WA
For his help in this

Can You help with the following
Hank, I am an ex aust sgt who was attached to HQFARELF in Singapore in June 1962, billeted at REME Rowcroft Lines Singapore and supported 28 COMWEALTH BDE GP in EX TRUMPETRER. Part of 274 Liaison Unit commanded by Lt col Frank Skinner, Capt Derek Jones Admin, WO Len Harvey also in unit. Do you have any knowledge of KETTLEDRUM or BUCKRUM.Grateful for reply.
Thank you for your reply. The time was 1962 in Singapore and Malaya with HQFARELF and GCHQ Phoenix Park Tanglin. Exercise Trumpeter was held in June 1962 and involved UK, Aust, NZ, Malay troops training for Buckram, the plan to support LAOS in the event that country was overrun by Chicom forces. I had hoped you might have been with FARELF or 28 Comwealth Bde at this time. Many thanks
New contacts July 08
Don Scott 2 troop 1957-59 plus 4 troop later
Welcome to Frank Sexton 2 troop 1963-65
2nd July 2008
Hank needs help, looking for info on
Phil Jones 2 troop 1959-61
and Cliff Weiss 2 troop 1959-61
Reply from Geoff Lambourne UK Oct 2008
Hi Hank, Info on Cliff Weiss, Cliff died in 1981, there is a plaque to commemorate his death at Lavarack Barracks chapel memorial garden near Townsville Queensland.
Phil Jones, Big Phil died in June 2008, after a fall at home then a spell in hospital
from which he never came out. Sorry to be the bearer of sad news. Geoff

ANZAC DAY Paddle in the Cockle

It was with great pleasure that with the floating of my Mark 7 Cockle Canoe, that I could do something to remember our war heroes. My idea was to paddle from South Perth to Fremantle, leaving at dawn to paddle under the Narrows Bridge and below the War Memorial at Kings Park when the dawn service was taking place.
When we arrived at South Perth the bright lights of the city sky scrapers reflected in the river, it was a beautiful sight. As the dark morning brightened up to a dim light the Mark 7 was lifted in the water. Jan my first partner slid into the front cockpit, I in the back. We paddled a short circuit before finally taking off.
Our group of Helen Moreby, Helen Breed, Helen Cooksey, Margaret Toohey, Steve Coffey and Jan and I headed towards the Narrows Bridge and after onto Matilda Bay where Jan would swap seats with John Tomczak.
It was cool on shore but after paddling for five minutes my warm clothing soon had me sweating. It was now light and as we neared the bridge a bunch of Tiger Moths flew over Kings Park where the Anzac service was taking place. Our passing beneath Kings Park seemed a fitting tribute. Although the Cockle Mark 7 canoe may not have been used by Australian soldiers, we now know they were used in the Second World War on several secret missions by British soldiers.
When John took over from Jan at Matilda Bay a multitude of boats of the Royal Perth Yacht Club were anchored in pens, they looked a pretty picture in the early morning sun. Helen and Margaret left us here to return to South Perth but Helen Moreby, Helen Breed and Steve slipped out of the bay beside us. We talked about the rich people that owned the huge houses overlooking the water. No one seemed jealous - but are they as happy as we are???
As we passed over sandy shallows of Pelican Point and across the quiet and calm Swan Estuary Marine Park, John spoke about his 20 year military service. It had been a big part of his life and he was very pleased to be part of today’s paddle, to remember his own military service and the sacrifice that many people gave in past conflicts.We reached Point Walter quicker than I thought we would and had coffee and cake and watched the wind increase and chop up the water. Here we left the two Helen's to continue eating and Alaine who had been the support crew up to that time changed over with John, who was picked up by his partner Millie.
As we entered a new and ruffled phase of our journey we left the beach against a pounding chop and as the wind blew strongly along the side of the boat, it made it difficult to steer a straight course and go in the direction we wanted to go. Steve, who was now the last kayak to accompany us was taking a much better course, he had a rudder and it was working to his advantage. To get to where we wanted to go we had to pause every few minutes, turn the boat in a new direction and then paddle again. The area was active with about eight kite surfers. They looked a spectacular sight but at times got a little too close; one just missed Steve by a couple of metres. Once across the sandbar the conditions and wind eased and we regained control of the boat. From then on the river was stirred up by a convoy of boats, some that looked more like ocean liners.
It had been a great day and as we pulled up near the Left Bank Pub it was actually sad to stop. By the time I had got home that night my friend Lawrence had tracked down a lot more information about the Cockle 7. There are only about 18 of these around the world and only a handful are actually sea worthy

Just a question about a football trophy
Tony Cliffy Cliffe 59 Sqn 1964-66
Can anyone remember
the crown football team that beat the aussies in Ubon I was right half ..We won a cup wonder where it is now.

Hank says, maybe it went the way of the flags CRE and 59 SQN

Okay diggers i need help, i was informed that one of the lads from 1 troop 1962-65
went to australia later in the 60s.
His name Dave Meers. hoping maybe there is a way of searching at your end,
any advice or help even finding him would be great
Thanks very much
Hank Lawrence
I am forwarding some photo's out of a book that was written by Simon Wilson [Snow ] and David Wicks The book is called Destination Malaya 1963-65 and is full of memories and about the sappers who were pulled together in Australia from 1/2 a dozen different units and got on together so well that we are still having reunions although we have lost a few mates.

24649 Private Tom Abberfield
311397 Sapper Ian Benson
13706 L Cpl Noel M Butler
2143754 Sapper Brian Cribbs
5411092 Sapper Denis G Fitzhenry
214121 Sgt Bruce W Parsons
36907 Cpl Peter J Stokes
214667 Sapper Ian Tibbles
14411 Lcpl j Barnett
243081 Sapper L W Jones {Bill]

At The going down of the sun , and in the morning we will remember them

Lest We Forget

Try This Site
By Pam
for 208 Signals Terendak check it out
Great photos of the camp etc.

Thanks Pam


  1. Billy (Paddy) Crothers, Would like to know what happened to Dougie Maddison, Veh Mec for 2 Troop some time during 64 to 67. Believe he went to Viet Nam and lived in the Newcastle area.

  2. Bill send me your email address, mine is and I will forwarded it on to Lefty Madison who was our mechanic in 2 field troop RAE Malaya 1963-65.

  3. I am looking for our next door neighbour in Malacca Terendac camp a spr with 2troop RAE his name was Ted Collumbas wis wife was name lyne we spent quite a loy of quality time together he was with 2 troop late 69 70 we believe they moved to Singapore when the sqn closed down I am sure they were from the Queensland area not so sure as to what town hope someone may know them if so get in touch,John Lawton ex 11indep fld sqn RE email


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