Aitken Morrie 2 troop & 4 troop 1961-64
Atkinson Harry 2 troop 63-65
Avery Murray 2 troop 63-65
Bevan Percy  2 troop 
Boxsell Alan Lofty 4 troop 1961-63
Bradley Cec 4 troop
Buckley Ken 4 troop
Canning Doug 2 troop 63-65
Cannon David 2 troop 63-65
Carroll R J 2 troop 63-65
Carlon Bob 4 troop
Channer Dion. 2 Troop known as Dion Hands
Cox Grahame 4 troop
Crosby Bing. 2 Troop sgt in Malaya retired major
Donaldson Bob Jock 4 troop
Eakin Paul 4 troop
Engstrom Robert 1966-68 2 Troop
Ernst Glenn 1967-69
Foote Norman. 4 Troop 1961-63
Gayford Tex 4 troop
Gentle Kenny 4 troop
Goodwin Yippee R.I.P 2 troop 1957-59
Goldsmith Grant L 2 troop 1965-67
Graham Gordon troop cmd 1965-67
Griffiths Norman 4 troop
Hanrahan Terry 2 troop 1957-59 and 1963-65
Hay Stan 4 troop
Hermans Theo 2 troop 1969-1970
Hess Darryl fred 4 troop
Hill Allan (sticks) 2 troop 1957-59 R.I.P. April 2016 (PHOTO ALBUM)
Hodges Allan. 2 Troop Brigadier retired 1963-1965
Hogan John 4 troop
Jaggar Norm 4 troop
Janvrin Ron 4 troop
Jarvis Ron 4 troop
Jeffers Col 4 troop
Johnson Max 2 troop commander Capt 1957-59
Johnstone Steve 4 troop
Jolly Ken 2 Troop TPI 1963-1965
Judd Colin Doc I was corp sigs I was in Borneo with 11fd sqn when they put a bailey ovewr the sungei tempsak at Kota belud,
Kelly Jack 4 troop
Kelly Michael 4 troop
Kimberley Jim 4 troop
Kimberley Jim. 2 Troop 1964-1967 R.I.P Sapper September 2017
Lee Russell 4 troop
Lennon Barry B. 2 Fld Troop 1963-1965 ex officer
Mackellar Blue 2 troop 1965-67 op crown
Macklin Philip 2 troop 1964-65
Marychurch Bob 4 troop
McCaig Ian 4 troop
McDonald Gordon 4 troop 1961-63 R.I.P Sapper February 2023
McKenzie Bruce (Gila) 1968-70
McLean Ian 2 troop 1966-1968
McLean Warrick 4 troop
Menzies Wally 4 troop
Murray Wally 4 troop
Nuttall Nev 2 troop 1965-67 + Op Crown
Plumb Russell 4 troop
Quin Bob. 4 Troop 1961-1963
Reed Bob 4 troop
Richardson Alan. 4 Troop 1961-1963 2 Troop 1963-65
Richter Joe 4 troop
Rockcliffe Rocky 4 troop
Saunders Brian 4 troop
Scott Don 2 troop1957-1959 back later with 4 Troop RIP April 2011
Sexton Frank 2 troop 1963-65 R.I.P January 2024
Shelley Trevor 2 Fld Troop 1967-1969  PHOTO ALBUM
Smart Trevor . 4 Troop 1961-63
Sutton William M. 2 Troop driver with 2 field troop 1963-1965 (PHOTO ALBUM)
Taylor Henry (dayo) 1959-61
Tomczak John 2 Troop 1964-1967
Van Gelder Malcom. 4 troop 1961-63 2 Troop 1963-1965 Lt Col retired RIP
Varcoe Peter 4 troop
Wilson Barry 4 troop
Wilson Snow. 2 Troop 1963-1965
Young Henry 4 troop 1961-63 2 troop 1965-67


  1. This came from Virginia Hill distant cousin to Don Scott RIP 2011
    Hi Hank

    Firstly I must apologise for my lack of knowledge regarding the RE or RAE - however I am trying to gather some information regarding a dear old friend (distant cousin) of mine who passed away in April 2011.

    I have been bequeathed his photos and other important possessions including his RAE coffee much with the above regimental numbers.

    In Don's collection of photos is also a photo copy of "11th Independent Field Squadron, Royal Engineers, Malaya 1962 Dec. Lt Griffiths, RAE"

    Is this your group? There is around 30 men in this photo, all named, including Don and I was hoping to find out why he is in a RE photo when he was RAE?

    I would be grateful if you could find the time to possibly forward on some information to help me as Don did not mention his time with the RAE/RE.

    I look forward to hearing from you

    Mount Isa, Qld, Australia

  2. Trying to locate ex Spr Ted Columbas 2 troop RAE reg no 1411219 69-70 was in Nee Doon when Sqn closed down lost touch after that believed to be from Queensland

  3. My old Oz pal Pete Ash 2 Troop is missing off here Hank, was told of his passing a while back, will ask some of my Oz mates and send you info mate

    1. Hi you did not let me know who you are. Thanks for the info look forward to dates etc


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