The day the stage coach were kidnapped by a 3 ton Bedford.

About twice a month when away from Butterworth at Sik on the Kedah road project the army cine film company would visit and we would sit outside with the locals who were allowed in camp to watch the film and the Buddhist monks would bring in the local children as well and we would spoil them with bottles of pop from the char Walla's.
This time it was a western film and the screen was fixed to the side of a Bedford truck and the locals loved a western and were getting very excited when the stage coach was being chased by a bunch of Indians, suddenly the truck started up and drove away down the road with the screen still attached to the side we all had been drinking a few Anchor beers, apparently the phantom driver had a few to many, of course we all thought it was hilarious and was the best part of the film but the locals did not and must have thought we were mad.
The truck was found down the road a short way minus the driver and brought back so the film could be finished.
Things like this happening helped to make the week go by when everyone was working hard, and it was always taken in good spirit and no more was said as long as no one was hurt.
Richard (Nobby) Clarke

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