Bill Anderson 
Roger Andrews 2 in may
Pete Alexander
Terence chunky Allan in may
Graham Avery in may
Ron Bates in may
Gerry Bedford 
Fred Beharrell 
John Bishop
Geordie Bissett sent one from us all
Denis Blay 
Malcolm Blaylock 
Melvyn Bowbanks
Fred Bray 
Terry Bridges 
Harry Brittain 2 in may
Dave Brunning 2 in may
Bob Buckle send
Tony Bunker
John Buttle
Alan Calderbank
Alan Campbell 
Jim Campbell + Charlie McBain
Andy Capper in may
Pete Carnighan
Ron Carter 2 in may
Tony Catherall in may
Simon Chivers
Leon Charlesworth
Gordon Chave
Richard Clarke
Mike Clemence
Bill Cole 
Brian Collins
Fred Collings in may
Barry Corbett
George Cox send
John Crawley 
Bill Crothers in may
Bob Crowford in may
Dick Crust
John Culver
John Cusack
John Dadd
Harry Daker 2 send
Pete Dance
Terry Davis 2 in may
Mo Day
Richard Despard
Roy Devlin
Jock Dick in may
John Docherty 
Norm Donaldson in may
Reg Downing
Terry Ellis
Chris Enoch in may
Geoff Fagg
Jimmy Farrell in may
Victor Feary 
Bill Fiddes
Geoff Fletcher 
John Flynn in may
Pat Ford via Bob Litchfield 2 
Gordon Fox
Freddy Frape
Rob Furness 
Bob Gale
Jackie Gavin 
Wally Gee in may
Brian Gibbens
Gerry Gleeson 2 in may
Brian Golightly
Tony Goodridge
Fred Gray 2 in may
Barry Green  
Colin Guy in may
Doug Hamilton-Cox in may
Joe Higgins
KC Holder in may
David Henderson
Hubert Hewitt
Ray Hirsh
Brian Hobbs 
Alan Hollyoak in may
Bob Holme may
Ian Howatson 
Dave Hudson send
Terry Hudson
John Hunt 
Steve Hearst 2 one for Coutts in may
Allen Jermy in may
Dave Johnson
Viv Jones   +2 reqd 
Pete Keddie 2 in may
Dick Keens
Reg Keeping 
Tiny Kennedy 2 in may
Bill Kibble via Nobby
Eddie King 6 
Alan Lambert send
Ray Lambert 2 in may
Geoff Lambourne + 2 in may
Peter Lamont send
John Lancefield
John Lawton in may
Dick Leanord 
Peter Llewelin send
Terry Long 
Tom Magee 
Pete Marsden 3 in may
Fred Marshall 
Brian Marshall 2 in may
Pete Martell 
Charlie McBain 
Joe McCann in may
Don McGilp
Dennis McIntyre 2 in may
Bill Mckie 2 
Phil Meggison send
Dave Middleton 
Sandy Melville 
Dusty Miller in may
Alan Mills
Tony Mitchell
Sammy Moore in may
Bert Morris 
Colwyn Morris 
Bill Murison in may
Yanto Nolan
John Olford via Dermont Richards
Olly Olyatt in may
Frank Oxley 
Brian Packman in may
Rand Pantin 
Phil Peet
Dave Perchard in may
Dawson Powell in may
Billy Purvis in may
Harry Ramsay in may
John Roberts
Joe Robson
Jim Scoular
David Shaw
Terry Smart may 
Barry Smith in may
Frank Sowerby in may
Alan Spice
John Spriggs 4 
Allan Stockton 
Pete Stringer
Paul Strobridge in may
John Strudley in may
Billy Stuart in may
Ray Sturgess
Ian Sumpter 
Pete Sutton in may
Syd Sweeting 
Stuart Symonds
Ray Teasdale 
Ray Theakston 
Tom Thornton via Jackie Gavin 
Jimmy Thrippleton in may
Fernley Tout 
John Tyrrell 
Eddie Vincent in may
Charles Waddington
Bob Walker sent in may
Terry Welsh send
Nick Whatley
Barrie Why in may
Steve Wilby 2 in may
Ken Williams in may
Mel Wood 
Ron Worth
Bob Williamson
Dave Yeo in may


  1. Hank Chris Enoch wants a badge

  2. We have a order of 40 Badges from Alan Hodges 2 Troop RHA so come on Brits get your orders in now.

  3. Nearly sold the lot hank well done.


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