From Ron Gaunt

I can't ever remember us meeting,  but I was in the Royal Engineers, Warrant Officer - Superintendant Clerk of CRE Malacca from Dec 1960 to Nov 63.   Our office was up on the embankment just above the sentry box where you entered Terendak Camp.

My wife and I had a most unusual experience seeing a Chinese dragon and I have been requested to record details by an author who is fascinated by the story.    Though we had immediate verbal confirmation of our sighting, I have no written notes or written confirmation from others.   I am prompted to find out,  because today my son out on business came across the son of another Warrant Officer who lived in Terendak at the same time as us, and who mentioned the Dragon sightings.

I was wondering if you or any of your comrades have any memories -  even if only rumours of this event.   If I remember correctly your Unit bulldozed a Chinese Temple in Terendak at the time of this event.   Do you remember this bulldozing?    If so do you have any records of the date it took place?   Thanks

Ron Gaunt

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