Coventry 20th 21st 22nd MAY 2011
Attended By

Norman and Rosina Donaldson 1951-52 photo1 photo2 booked
John and Jonathon Strudley 1954-1957 photo1 photo2 Booked
Ray Lambert and Pauline plus two photo1 photo2 Booked
Dawson Powell 1955-58 photo1 photo2  Booked
George Nolan 1956-58 photo1 photo2 Booked
Alan and Jean Jermy 1956-58 photo1 photo2 Booked
Bob Williamson 1956-59 photo1 Booked  happy to share
Roy Devlin 1957-58 photo1 photo2  Booked
Ron and Chris Carter 1957-59 photo1 photo2 Booked
Bill and Maureen Murison 1957-59 photo1 photo2 Booked
Richard and Heidi Clarke 1957-60 photo1 photo2 Booked
Jim and Ann Thrippleton 1957-60 photo1 photo2 Booked
Dave and Pam Brunning 1958-60 photo1 photo2 Booked
Bill jock McKie and Jo 1958-62 booked
Jim and Diana Randle 410 1958-61 Booked
Bill Cole 1959-62 photo1 photo2 Booked
Frank Sowerby 1959-62  photo1 photo2 Booked
Tiny and Pat Kennedy 1960-63 photo1 photo2 Booked
John Flynn 1959-61 photo1 photo2  Booked
Barry Foot 1959-62 photo1 photo2  Booked
Jim and Mary Loach Booked
Trev and Pat Green 410 1959-62 Booked
Bill and Cecilia Kent 410 1959-62 Booked
Dave and Margrit Cowel 410 1959-62 Booked
Clive Wooding 410 booked
Jim Howells 410 Booked
Pete Warnick 410 Booked
Keith Orrel 410 1959-62
Brian and Di Stephens 410 1959-62 Booked
John and Lynn Toase 410 1960-61photo1 photo2 Booked
Brian and Ann Marshall 1960-63 photo1 photo2 Booked
Charles and Kathleen Waddington 1960-63 booked
Chris and Margaret Smith 1960-63 1965-68 photo1 photo2 Booked
John and Margaret Bell 410 1960-63 65-68 Booked
Ian and Pam Hoskins 410 1960-63 Booked
Mick and Margaret Milward 410 1960-63 Booked
Jim and Sheila Scouler 1961-62 photo1 photo2  Booked
(Jackie and Lesley Gavin) Wife and Daughter of
Barry Gavin. 1961-1963 photo1 photo2 Booked
Peter Keddie 1959-62 photo1 photo2 Booked
Billy Stuart 1961-64 photo1 photo2 Booked
La Crawley and Dot 1961-1964 Booked
Geoff and Jeanette Lambourne 1961-64 photo1 photo2 Booked
Mick and Joan Ramsay 410 Booked
Harry Daker 1961-64 Booked
Sandy and Joan Melville1961-65 photo1 photo2  booked
John and Jane Roberts 1961-64 photo1 photo2  Booked
George and Carol Dick1962-65  photo1 photo2 Booked
Freddy and Carol Frape 1962-65 photo1 photo2 Booked
Hank Lawrence 1962-65 photo1 photo2 Booked
Sammy and Jean Moore 1962-65 photo1 photo2 saturday
Eddy and Sandra Vincent 1963-66 photo1 photo2 Booked
Bill and Carol Crothers 1964-67 photo1 photo2 Booked
Bob sailor Crowford 1964-67 photo1 photo2 Booked
Dave and Wendy Yeo 1964-67 photo1 photo2 Booked
John and Val Olford 1965-67 photo1 photo2 Booked
Harry and Babs Brittain photo1 photo2 BOOKED
Doug and Sue Hamilton-Cox 1965-68 photo1 photo2 Booked
Andy,  Gwyn and Darren Capper 1965-68 photo1 photo2 Booked
Bob Holme 1966-68 photo1 photo2 Booked
John and Vicky Gore 1966-68 Booked
Steve Wilby 1967-70 photo1 photo2 Booked
Pete and Maureen Alexander 1967 photo1 photo2 Booked
Dusty Millar and Brenda 1967-69 booked
Oly Ollyat 1967 also 410 1957-60 Booked
Fred Collings 1968-69 photo1 photo2 BOOKED
Graham Avery 1968-69 photo1 photo2 Booked
John Lawton 1968-70 photo1 photo2 Saturday only
Brian and Maureen Packman 1068-70 photo1 photo2 Booked
Joe Robson 1968-70 photo1 photo2 BOOKED
Melvyn and Janet Woods 1968-70 photo1 photo2 Booked
Paul Strobridge 1968-70 photo1 photo2 Booked

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